Why Urjaa Samadhan?

We aim to respond to UN’s sustainable development goals on energy access in the global south by prolonging the lifetime of renewable energy installations and supporting the livelihoods of small scale repair service providers.

Urjaa Samadhan means, literally, ‘Energy Solution’ in Odiya, the language of Odisha.

The use of off grid solar technology is expanding. But what happens when components break down or need replacing?

In the Indian State of Odisha several hundred thousands of off-grid solar installations have been deployed at community or household level, through a mix of subsidised and market based methods. Yet our research shows that the majority of these installations function effectively for between 6 months and 3 years, before malfunctioning or being discarded. This results in people resorting to less safe and fuels for lighting and electricity.

Providing existing renewable energy technology with an extended life sustains access to energy, and creates new livelihood opportunities for service providers.

The Challenge

There are lots of barriers to overcome to develop effective services around maintenance and repair:

How are we addressing the challenge?

Urjaa Samadhan recognises the need for a proactive approach that is capable of developing the technical capacity of repair services and supply chains for parts and equipment.

We recognise that access to spares and repairs can be made more efficient by leveraging information communication (ICT) technologies, offering technical training and facilitating co-operation between organisations. Our partnership and ‘Super Service Centre’ models, coupled with use of our ICT platform, are the core of our approach.

The Urjaa Project So Far