Managing Director

Sagar Mahapatra

Sagar has 6+ years experience in the livelihood enhancement, micro-finance, sustainable energy and entrepreneurship development domains. Sagar is an ICICI fellow who worked with rural development projects in various parts of India. Sagar is also part of various networks, including the International design and innovation network, Jagriti Yatra and India Fellows. Prior to joining Urjaa Samadhan he was working with SELCO incubation center which is a solar energy business incubator. Sagar brings a vast knowledge in helping communities and individuals develop and setup their business and ventures.

Project Co-ordinator

Pradeep Sahoo

Pradeep is a recent MBA graduate from Centurion School of Management & Technology in Bhubaneswar. As an Odia native, he is excited to be working in the field of energy access in his state, which faces large scale issues. He has a great interest in enterprise and innovation, and provides support to a range of activities in Urjaa Samadhan including managing the inventory and stock systems.

Board Members

Vijay Bhopal

Vijay is a specialist in renewable energy development and community energy research. He is Projects Director at Scene, which he co-founded in 2011. He leads Scene’s work in India and has a broad knowledge of renewable energy technologies, especially, wind, solar and hydroelectric. Vijay has designed a range of social enterprises and projects and won' Entrepreneur of the Year in Scottish Renewables inaugural Young Professionals Green Energy Awards.

Jamie Cross

Jamie is a social anthropologist who specializes in the social study of development, infrastructure and renewable energy technology in the Global South. He holds a PhD from the University of Sussex and is a senior lecturer in social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh where he is also a director of the Global Development Academy. Jamie has over ten years of field based research experience in India.

Technical Team

Chandra Bindu Kumar

Chandra Bindu Kumar has good knowledge and experience in maintenance work of solar lanterns such as (AVANI, LED ON, BPL, REC, Sun pro, Schneider etc.) and Charge Controllers (Junction Box) which are being distributed in villages and schools by various NGOs where there is a scarcity of electricity in the area. He is capable of generating friendship with villagers and simplifying the process of keeping solar panels in good condition, for the benefit of the villagers and the efficiency of the panels. He has installed Auto Dusk Dawn Solar Street Lights, home lighting systems and installation of 1-1.5 Kilowatts for drinking water systems and irrigation applications in different village areas.

IT Team

Ansuman Roy

Ansuman is a professional Java & MEA2N Stack developer. Creative ideas drive him as a person and a professional. Ansuman have 4+ years of experience in java/java EE/Node.js web application development for the full software development life cycle (SDLC) across multiple applications. He has hands on experience in hybrid mobile application development. He has good analytical skills and refreshes his technical skills on a regular basis, allowing him to respond to new issues with considerable speed.


Novneet is an intermediate Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer specializing in agile development patterns and rapid prototyping, practicing the best software development principles. He has experience in app development for the commercial sector including e-commerce. Novneet also has a keen interest in machine learning, natural language processing and data science.

Sunil Ku. Sahu

Sunil is a professional UI Designer. He has 4+ years of experience in Web Designing and Developing. He is also a very unique, creative and eye catching responsive Designer. He has good analytical skills, Graphic design ideas and refreshes his technical skills on a regular basis.