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Our Team

These are our Bright Lights


Our Team


Managing director

Sagar Mahapatra

Sagar has 8 years experience in the livelihood enhancement, micro-finance, sustainable energy and entrepreneurship development domains. Sagar is an ICICI fellow who worked with rural development projects in various parts of India. He is also part of various networks, including the International design and innovation network, Jagriti Yatra and India Fellows. Prior to joining Urjaa Samadhan he was working with SELCO Incubation Centre which is a solar energy business incubator. Sagar brings a vast knowledge in helping communities and individuals develop and setup their business and ventures.


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Finance director (non-exec)

Amit Patra

Amit is a certified Charted Accounted with a decade of experience in financial management & analysis and project appraisal. He is a keen supporter of social enterprises and has worked with many solar social enterprises over the past few years. Being a director of Urjaa Samadhan he supports financial management of the company and allows us to grow, whilst also running his own chartered accountancy firm, AJA & Associates.


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Senior Technical OFficer

Bijay Nanda

Bijay has 3 years experience in the livelihood enhancement, solar system design & installation, and before that worked as an electrical engineering lecturer for 6 years. He gives technical training to rural unemployment youth in entrepreneurship and development domains. Prior to joining Urjaa Samadhan he worked with SELCO Incubation Centre, which is a solar energy business incubator, and also SELCO Foundation. He has knowledge in helping rural communities and individuals to develop and setup their businesses with solar power and is comfortable working with a range of solar technologies. He has  trained more than 150 solar technicians in different rural area of India. 



Liaison OFficer

Rahul Bisoi

Rahul is a science graduate with physics honours. He is working with Urjaa Samadhan as project liaison office, ensuring that clients are happy and projects run on time. He has 4 years of experience in various fields, including solar energy. He is good an excellent implementer of new ideas in the field, for example taking a leading role in trialling the Cloud Solar system on behalf of Urjaa Samadhan. He is a Koraput native and has a good understanding of the rural locations in which much of the company’s work takes place.



Board Representative

Scene Connect Ltd

Scene Connect is a UK based Social Enterprise focused on strengthening communities through consultancy, research and development of ICT products. It works across the renewable energy and 'energy access' sectors. Founded in Scotland in 2011, Scene has built a reputation as one of UK's foremost community energy organisations and has developed a number of ICT products which are being commercialised through affiliated companies Connected Energy and Farm-Hand. Scene is represented on the Urjaa Samadhan board by Vijay Bhopal who co-founded the company in 2016.